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Pair our new soothing Rose Water Makeup Remover with our reusable removed pads for a better nightly routine.

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What can you expect from our products?

Giving you the look you love is the first step – but we don't want to just stop there. We create our products with the sole goal of keeping your lashes clean, tidy, and fresh until your next refill appointment. Our products are directly related to our aftercare which is directly related to better lash retention ... you get it.

We call ourselves the "experts in eyelashes" because, well, it's true. Eyelash extensions start with your natural lashes. And while we're mildly obsessed with enhancing, lengthening, and filling your natural lashes with extensions, we're also committed to helping your natural lashes be their best. That's why our ever-increasing and evolving product line includes products created specifically for the health and growth of your natural lashes, like our Lash Enhance.

Is there an eyelash-related product that you've always wished for but can't seem to find? Drop us a line! We'd love to hear how we can continue to help you acheive all your lash goals.

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I feel like such a princess, and I would recommend Deka Lash to everyone!

Dekalash in Greentree gets 100 stars from me. From the time i walked in until the time i left was perfect!!

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