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Deluxe Satin Sleep Set


Deluxe Satin Sleep Set


Protect your extensions and enjoy deeper, more restful sleep with our Deluxe Satin Sleep Set. The extra padding in the Beauty Rest Sleep Mask creates comfortable and deep recesses that will keep your extensions safe while you rest. Paired with the satin Cloud Pillowcase and Satin Soft Headband our sleep set takes care of your lashes, skin and hair while you catch some Zs.

Key Features:
Beauty Sleep Eye Mask
Specially designed with extra padding around the eye area, our Beauty Sleep Eye Mask provides rejuvenating beauty rest and protection for your eyelash extensions.

The Cloud Pillowcase
Enjoy a luxurious night’s sleep and combat sleep creases, acne and frizzy hair thanks to The Cloud’s ultra soft satin material.

Satin Soft Headband
Our headband takes care of your hair while you take care of yourself. Delicate satin gently holds your hair in place during your nightly routine to prevent pulling and breakage.

Unit Size/Package Contents:
1 Beauty Rest Sleep Mask
1 The Cloud Satin Pillowcase
1 Satin Soft Headband