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Lash Finish


Lash Finish


What it is:
The Lash Finish is our extra protection against oil, moisture, and humidity.

What it does:
When applied to the bases of your extensions, it provides a silicon coating that safeguards your adhesive and prolongs the life of your extensions. And bonus, it also gives a beautiful glossy shine to your lashes.

The Lash Finish is perfect for those who workout regularly as it stops sweats, oil, and salt from breaking down the adhesive bond. This makes it equally perfect for anyone planning a getaway to someplace warm, or for those who already live near warmth, sun, and sand.

How to use:
Apply every 3-5 days on clean lash extensions. Before applying, make sure to use the Lash Cleanser with our Cleansing Brush to ensure your extensions are clean. Remove excess serum from the applicator then lightly tab onto the bases of your extensions.

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