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Lash Cleansing Brush


Lash Cleansing Brush

Our double-sided cleansing brush is your ideal tool for keeping your lash extensions clean, fresh and healthy. Pair with our Cleanse lash cleanser for a luxurious, deep clean.

Key Features:
● Fan brush end for effective cleansing
● Rounded brush end to quickly rinse

How To Use:
● Pair with our lash Cleanse for best results.
● Dispense a small amount of Cleanse onto the back of your hand
● Wet fan side and swirl through foam
● Start at the inner corner, gently work the foam through your lashes and eye area
● Wet rounded side and rinse away Cleanse from the eye area.
● Gently pat dry

Unit Size/Package Contents:
1 Double-Sided Lash Cleansing Brush