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Swipe Offs were created to reduce waste and provide improved cleansing of the eye area without damaging your eyelash extensions. They achieve a superior clean thanks to their precision tip and built-in pocket allowing for improved grip & control. Made of soft, durable fabric, Swipe Offs are non-drying on the skin and will not snag your extensions. Each box contains 7 reusable pads that are machine washable and include their very own laundry bag! The perfect companion for our Rose Water Makeup Remover.

Key Features:
One box of Swipe Offs can replace up to 840 single use cotton rounds* reducing waste and saving you money. Even better, each box comes with its very own laundry bag!
Precision Tip:
Our uniquely shaped, teardrop pad creates a fine tip that is excellent for reaching the inner corner of your eyes to provide exceptional cleansing.
Built-in Pocket:
Each Swipe Off is constructed with a small pocket for your finger. This pocket ensures a firm grip on your makeup remover pad and provides better control for a more effective routine.

How To Use:
• Saturate a clean, dry Swipe Off with makeup remover.
• Gently swipe across face, neck and eyes.
• Store dirty swipes in the provided laundry bag.
• Hand wash or machine wash on the gentle setting.
• Air dry flat to maintain shape.

*Claim based on manufacturer’s suggested lifespace of an average of 60 washes.

Package Contents:
• 7 Swipe Offs
• 1 Laundry Bag