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Lash & Brow Brush


Lash & Brow Brush


Keep your extensions and brows looking fluffy and fresh while on the go with our Travel Lash & Brow Brush. The travel sized version of our Lash & Brow Brush can easily fit into any bag to keep your look fresh no matter where you are.

Key Features:
● Ideal for tool for lash extension and brow lamination maintenance
● Reusable for daily use
● Compact size makes it perfect for travel or a night out
● Available in a variety of colors

How To Use:
● Gently brush through your lashes to fluff and separate.
● Avoid over brushing. A few strokes is all it takes.
● Repeat as needed to keep your lashes neatly styled.

Unit Size/Package Contents:
1 Lash Brush